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Nature Experiences

In Piloña and Asturias

Enjoy a unique experience in the Natural Paradise of Asturias

RBAventura takes you on unique nature experiences that will stay with you forever. Come and discover with us wild and unspoiled areas where you will be able to enjoy nature, wildlife, and a unique geology.

We offer:

Hiking tours

Tours suitable for all abilities always respecting the environment and the beautiful landscapes. You can choose different levels of difficulty suitable for your age and ability.

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Asturcón Ponies

Discover the history and habitat of the Asturcón, a pony indigenous to Piloña. We offer guided tours to Borines, where these ponies live in the areas looked after by ACAS – an association dedicated to protecting the Asturcón (ACAS: Asociación Conservadora Asturcones del Sueve).

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Ordum: Beer from Asturias

The Ordum Brewery is set in a breathtaking landscape by a natural spring in Borines. Its location and architecture attract lovers of nature and artisan beer enthusiasts, who visit the brewery to learn about Ordum’s history and brewing process.

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Other Activities

Birdwatching, Deer Rut Watching, Canyoning, Mountain Climbing, Snow Hiking,… and so much more! Get in touch!


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We recommend the use of sun cream, sunglasses and a hat or baseball cap.



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